I decided to take a chance and create a separate blog from my campfireshadows.wordpress.com one. The reason was Campfireshadows  is a blog consisting only of Old West short stories and I wanted to keep it as such. While in many ways,  heritage and trail cooking is related to the old west but I wanted the campfireshadows to stand alone. 

I also wanted a blog where I could freely write of my second love, cooking. So here it is.

(My fist love it eating!)

Since these recipes were from back in the day, in following them it would be a more accurate to use as much organic products as possible. Processed butters, flours and even sugars do have a different taste from the original ingredients used back then. I leave out my own personal preferences in meats, grains etc etc because it is not my position to comment on what a person decides what type of food is best for them. Food in any form is a personal choice.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the recipes and humor I try to put into them.   🙂  JW

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  1. bigsmileu1 says:

    You have been nominated for The Sunshine Award! Please pick-up your award at http://www.grandmothermusings.com . Congratulations!! 

  2. I have nominated you and your blog for a couple of awards from the blogosphere!! Enjoy them and spread the joy. Here’s the link:

    • Thank you! Hmmm, (what the heck is your name anyway?)
      I will get to them as soon as I have a bit of time. I’m trying to convert my short stories into the kindle format so I can do a kindle ebook. It is taking forever! My problem is I have to re format every line of every short story I wrote! OMG I think I’ll die of old age first! LOL Seriously, I do appreciate your thinking so highly of me that you’d give me an award!!!! Joe

      • Hi Joe! I know what you mean about the formatting!! I save all my recipes on word docs…of different fonts, formats etc…what a job it would be to compile them into a uniform read..!
        My name is Heather, and congratulations. You deserve it. I thoroughly enjoy your writing 🙂

  3. I see that you have been nominated for some blog awards,but I would like to list your blog as nominated for the sunshine award. I am loving your recipes and especially the one on bisquits and gravy since that’s what I was raised on! (that and fried chicken 🙂 )

    • campfireshadows says:

      Fried chicken will be comin’ up soon Ma’am! Why you must be a Southern girl! You just mentioned 2 of the 5 major food groups in the Southern food pyramid. The others are , Greens, Catfish and Pecan Pie! LOL
      Thank you for thre award , I’ll stop on by and pick it up 🙂 JW

  4. I have nominated you for The Reality Blog Award http://plantbaseddietadventures.com/2012/12/06/the-new-reality-blog-award/

    You deserve it! 🙂 Congratulations!

    • Hey Lady! Thanks for the award nomination! I’m stuck in a small room (My bedroom) with recording equipment trying my darnedest to get my western stories onto an MP3 format for audio books. It’s going to take a while:(
      It may be a little bit before I get time to address the award but I will.
      I had one of my very very short Christmas stories published on someone else’s blog. I’m going to repost it on mine at campfire shadows and my cooking blog. It’s only 300 hundred words but it was the hardest story I ever wrote. (Try telling a story in 300 words!)
      I’m also in the middle of another recipe post and an old west tale. Ugh, I’m overworked! LOL Talk to you later 🙂 Joe

  5. petrel41 says:

    Congratulations, JW!

    I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    More about this nomination is at


  6. hey, jed…let me say firstly that you have a new and lifelong partner..who will sit at the campfire same as you and listen to your tales of the wild west….ive been a lover of the wild west ever since i was a little kid….watching john wayne, the lone ranger, bonanza, the high chapparal etc on tv…..
    even nowadays, whenever there’s a western on the tv, the family know not to mess with me….nobody is allowed into the room, and i insist on complete silence while i watch! there’s several tv’s in the house so its not as if im mistreating my family, you understand!
    and my kids even bought a virtually complete cowboy outfit at my last birthday…blue jeans, matching denim jacket, a neck-tie and cowboy boots, too..i said the only thing missing was a horse and some guns….!
    i’ll be dropping in to both of your blogs….wowee…happy days are here again….!
    why dont you mosey up to vancouver sometime…?

    • I’d love to visit Vancouver, my problem is that old Italian disease of the wallet called ‘funds-a-lo’ Ha ha ha! Seriously, if ever the ability comes I will, its been something I’ve wanted to do for years.
      My kids were razzing me on facebook a week back about my western looks. Oh, they’re all citified and such now. I got ’em back by posting a photo of them as little kids riding their ponies wearing their cowboy hats and boots! I took the photo of ’em when we lived on a cattle ranch I was foreman of at the time. All their friends chimed in razzing them back. That’ll teach ’em! Ha ha
      I hope you get a chance to drag your eyeballs across the pages of my short stories, you might find a couple of ’em halfway good…I hope. Take care my friend, BTW, I still wear a gun when riding, snakes, mountain lions and such. Its an old modified 1858 Army Colt. Shoots straight as an arrow even though I use a reduced charge (modern powders too powerful) My wife prefers her modern 9mm.(Ugh).

      • great stuff, jed!
        looks like youre living the life that i always wanted..riding my horse around in the deserted areas of the wild west…!
        i did at one time consider moving to the USA….i had a good friend in montana who was pestering me to make the move…so in the end i tried to do it the proper legal way, but whaddu know….the USA immigration guys thought less of it and refused to let me in permanently!
        i couldnt believe it to tell the truth…i was a qualified electronics engineer and had years of experience working with american companies etc but no, they didnt care…i guess they prefer to let in illegals rather than someone who wants to do it legally, eh?
        anyways, so here i am in vancouver and i wouldnt wish to be in any other place now, jed…its a virtual paradise for me and my family..we have mountains, the pacific, lakes everything close by…
        anyway, i certainly will read through your stories…!

      • Might I suggest next time you dress like a field worker? It seems that’s the litmus test these days to get in. But, you’re probably better off where you’re at unless you prefer trading a full time job for that of a part time one. At present I’m roasting my hide down here in Florida…and not real happy about it either…the wife wanted to try the ocean for a change. Well, it looks like we’ll be heading back out west soon thank God. Even she misses the smell of cow plop!

      • hehe…damn right about the clothes, jed!
        i guess ive always been brought up to do things the right way, legally and properly….but you know what? all my life, ive seen the quiet ones, the studious ones, the knowledgeable ones…kicked in the butt and by-passed by people who could just about write their own names on a piece of paper…and these guys then go on to run empires, corporations etc!
        as you say, im very happy where we are now…its a beautiful place to live.
        and florida…i could tell you a story or two about that place…its nice for a holiday, but if i were paid a million bucks i still wouldnt live there…the heat is opressive….i prefer to be amongst the mountains!
        i just finished watching a movie here on tv…a western naturally….True Grit..seen it many times, but just have to see it every time its on…!

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